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                                        FUN RESOURCES

Fun means something different to everyone. When you think about what lifts your energy and what you look forward to doing, that is your fun.  Choosing fun activities that support our physical bodies, connect us with others , enhance our spirituality or self awareness can add to our lives in so many ways. Many things on the other links are fun (like travel!). Here are some other ideas. 

Contact me
if you want to share any of your favorites. 


What is fun to you?? Make a list...
Plan an adventure
Go out with a friend
Play with animals
Watch a great movie
Spend quality  time with family
Play an instrumen
Cook a nice meal (alone or with someone else) while listening to great music
Learn pickle ball
Play cards
Do an arts and crafts project
Go treasure hunting at Home Goods
Walk in the woods,
Ride a bike
Listen to a good lecture
join a bookclub
get a massage
play a Tibetan singing bowl.
Do ANYTHING that you enjoy. And do it often enough so you feel that you are having fun in your life. 
TED Talks- A few of my fovorites
List of online learning resources for adults
For anyone who wants to garden 
For anyone who likes to read but doesnt' have a book club,  list of online book clubs

Lifestyle Health LLC does not vouch for the accuracy or safety of these websites. You enter these at your own risk. The thoughts and views presented  in any link are not representative of this site.

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