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Travel Adventures

This was an amazing trip! We truly dove into the people, land and culture of Morocco.  From the cities' Medinas to the sands of the Sahara our minds and bodies were immersed. We surfed on the sand dunes at sunset but also meditated with the rising sun. We hiked gorges and traversed farms when we weren't marveling at historic sites and Medina shops. What an complete and breathtaking trip. Stacey did an incredible job of curating daily tours and mixing in time to reflect. She also found Riyads, hotels and restaurants that were perfect for us! She also listened so well and accommodated requests with kindness and consideration. I can't wait to join her next trip and appreciate her attention to detail and thorough research. I am so grateful for this trip and all I experienced.

-Agapi Bell

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Morocco, and I can't express how truly amazing the experience was. From the moment I arrived, I was captivated by the beauty of this country and the warmth of its people.

Traveling with Stacey from Lifestyle Health was a wonderful experience. Stacey's kindness and consideration of the group made the trip even more enjoyable. Stacey's itinerary was a masterpiece. It was packed with unique experiences and activities that I wouldn't have thought to plan on my own. From exploring hidden gems to immersing ourselves in the local culture, every day was an adventure. The accommodations were outstanding, offering both comfort and an authentic Moroccan ambiance.

The music, the landscapes, the architecture, the tour guides, my group – every aspect of Morocco added a unique layer to my adventure. I would highly recommend visiting this beautiful country to anyone seeking an unforgettable travel experience.

-Kim Lawrey

What a fantastic trip to Morocco with Stacey and Lifestyle Health Adventures. It was a joy for all the senses, from the stunning landscapes/hiking and delicious cuisine to the warm-hearted people and rich history.

We visited a variety of cities, giving us a great sense of the country. Everything was well planned out and taken care of. We didn’t have to think about anything but enjoying ourselves. The local guides were very knowledgeable and they helped us to feel immersed in the culture.

We were able to do and see so much. It was an unforgettable experience, and I highly recommend Lifestyle Health to anyone looking for truly immersive and enriching travel experiences!


-Wendy Wattenberg NYC

I signed up with Lifestyle Health Adventures for this all women’s trip to Morocco with expectations of an active (wellness) adventure.  About 4 weeks before the trip Morocco had a devastating earthquake, causing question if we would be able to go.  Stacey with Lifestyle Health worked tirelessly to revamp our travels to ensure the safety of all, While still providing the amazing adventure I was looking for.  From an incredible food tour and bargaining in Marakesh; hiking in various stunning locations, camel rides, sand boarding and fabulous sun rises in the Sahara Desert, to the beautiful blue city (Chefchaouen), and the Medina in Fes; I honestly loved each piece of it. (Including all the stops along the way that I left out!!) Though mostly I loved the inspiring conversation at meal time. Stacey’s foresight and creativity always kept us thinking, and sharing.

It was a special trip like none before. I will definitely be joining Lifestyle Health  LLC for additional adventures in the future, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!!

-Cindy Forman

Stacey is an attuned tour leader offering her clients an up close view of the stunning country, people, landscapes, and crafts of Morocco. Morocco is a country full of color, spice, history, mountains, desert, mystery, intrigue,  and adventure. As we traveled in a comfortable van from Marrakech, we stopped along the way in a number of small towns, trading posts, and villages as we drove and hiked our way through the Atlas mountains on the way to the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi for a not to be missed sunset camel ride and a night in a Berber tent. I loved the music around the camp fire and the music of the Gnawa people in Khamlia. Stacey led an exhilarating trip that was full of adventure.

-Stacy Lawson, certified yoga instructor 

Physician Workshops on Lifestyle Medicine

"Dr Funt is an excellent, engaging and reflective educator.  Her workshop is very interactive. She uses foundational concepts of value and purpose, so the material becomes personal and meaningful. She continually refines and enriches her presentations and I myself continue to enjoy and benefit from her workshops."

-Dr. Raja Jaber. Director Wellness and Chronic Illness Center.

​Department of Family, Population and Preventive Medicine. Stony Brook Medical Center.

"Thank you for taking the time to speak to Southampton Hospital about the many benefits of Lifestyle Medicine. I felt that your remarks on the importance of encouraging patients to incorporate lifestyle medicine into their daily routine were timely and exciting. I look forward to practicing these ideas as a future physician and contributing to the collective effort of reducing disease risk and illness burden in the United States. Thank you again for a memorable lecture."

-Cassandre Voltaire, Third Year Medical Student, Nova Southeastern School of Osteopathic Medicine, Fla.

"This was a great lecture! You are very enthusiastic and informative. I will absolutely use this information with my patients and in my own life."\

-Dr, Theresa Mastronardi, Family Practice, NY

Community Workshops on Lifestyle Medicine

"Dr Funt gave an informative and interesting talk on stress management for our patients. Her style of speaking is entertaining, educational and inspiring.  We loved having her and got amazing feedback from our patients who have been able to institute some of  her techniques.  Her talk included real life examples and even websites to help overcome the hurdles to stress and anxiety in our already overextended lives.  

-Margaret Peliteri, MD  Internal Medicine Practice at Ochsner Health System, New Orleans

""Dr. Stacey Funt has given multiple presenta at our public library - "Making Your Life a Blue Zone" and "Going Gluten Free 101". For both, her audience was interested and engaged, and provided unanimously positive feedback. Dr. Funt is a personable and knowledgeable speaker with excellent communication skills. Her powerpoint presentation was chock full of interesting and important information. I highly recommend her and will certainly invite her back." 

-Lisa Gulino, Adult Reference Librarian & Programming Coordinator, Huntington Public Library

"Excellent! Informative! Interesting, valuable and encouraging!  You strengthened my intent to continue and improve all the good things I've been doing for myself."

-Dale Kimball, Bayshore YMCA, NY 

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