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Cultivate What Feeds You

When we talk about what feeds us well, most people think of food. As someone who grew up on bologna sandwiches, "Tab" diet soda and "Light n Lively" ice cream, I could go on and on about all I have learned in regards to healthy eating and the affects on our physical and mental health (which unfortunately, was not taught to me in medical school). I could discuss how as our bodies change, so too do the foods that work best for us. It is a continual process of discovery and exploration. And, we could talk about cultivating this food by connecting to its source, and perhaps even growing our own. As a child, I must have thought that lettuce naturally came from Waldbaums. To actually plant the seeds, nurture them as they grow, and present my colorful harvest on the dinner table fills me with wonder and delight. But, I am not talking about the food we put in our mouths when I talk about what feeds us.

The food we eat and the movement we do may nourish our physical body but it is our relationships, our passions, our expression, our creativity and our spirituality that feed our soul. That is what gives us the desire to live fully, to grow, to connect, to keep showing up as our best selves and to offer our gifts to the world.

One definition of the word "cultivate" is "to develop". Just as plants in a garden need attention and nurturing to grow, these other aspects of our lives need the same. What are the things that feed you? If you are not sure, ask yourself "What is something I love to do?" or "When I feel down, what lifts me up?'' Do you spend time doing these things? Engaging with people and activities that you love? Improving your diet takes energy and conscious choice, and so does improving the quality of how you spend your time.

Find what feeds you best and cultivate it. I know, we are all so busy. It doesn't have to consume you. It won't take away from all the things you want to accomplish. Even just a few minutes of "soul food" can revitalize you and enhance your effectiveness. Yes, it takes work. But, the results are well worth the effort!

For instructions on how to make your own raised garden bed, click on the resource tab above. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the button labelled "Raised Garden Beds"

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