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Magic in Guatemala

I just returned from an extraordinary journey leading a women's wellness adventure in the heart of Guatemala, and I couldn’t wait to share the magic we experienced! While Guatemala might not immediately come to mind for adventure seekers, allow me to share a little of what this fabulous country has to offer and how a sisterhood was formed.

Ten remarkable women joined me on this adventure based in Antigua, Guatemala, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its timeless beauty and rich culture. Behind each wooden door that lined the cobblestone streets were lush gardens, rooftop bars, and culinary havens. Our home base was a 5-star luxury resort with our own private entrance to the tranquil spa and private pools.

On our first full day, we embarked on a walking tour of the city, where we learned about its rich history and culture. We witnessed ruins next to beautiful Baroque cathedrals, tourists next to indigenous women adorned in brightly colored clothing, and upscale shops adjacent to local artisan markets. Afterward, we embarked on an exhilarating ATV ride to a lookout point over the city and visited a nearby coffee plantation to learn about Guatemalan coffee. On our way to dinner, we fortuitously encountered a religious procession featuring floats showcasing the city's blend of religion and tradition. During dinner, we were seated in a beautiful garden, enjoying the food, conversation, and each other's company as we began to form meaningful connections.

Very early the following day, we set out for the magnificent Lake Atitlan, a tranquil body of water surrounded by mountains and home to many indigenous communities. Before our visit, I connected with a nonprofit organization serving the local community, and many of us brought children's books in Spanish for the school library. We kayaked on the lake and explored the local town via tuk-tuks. Afterward, we took a boat to another community along the lake, where we toured a medicinal herbal garden and learned about weaving at the women's cooperative.

The following day was reserved for rest. Many women indulged in massages and lounged by the pools. Later in the afternoon, we reconvened for a chocolate workshop and then did some shopping before ordering drinks at a rooftop bar and heading to another delicious dinner.

We rose early the following day to hike up Pacaya Volcano, where we marveled at its towering black mound and observed the remnants of previously flowing lava. The expansive view and unique topography thrilled all of us. Upon returning to Antigua, there was an option yoga class at a nearby studio to stretch and unwind.

This trip was spectacular from start to finish. But, it was the bond of sisterhood that truly made this journey so memorable. On my website, I describe the type of woman who embarks on an LH Adventure travel: "a diverse group of women, primarily in their 40s to 60s, who share a deep passion for exploration and self-care. We're the kind of women who love to embark on adventures, immerse ourselves in diverse cultures, embrace moderate outdoor activities, and enjoy the company of other remarkable women. A shared appreciation for nature, wonder, and beauty guides our journey. We're open-minded, flexible, and fueled by curiosity during our travels." This was the essence of every single woman on this trip. They forged connections, laughed, and formed new friendships as they shared the magical experience of Guatemala.

You can read guest reviews of this trip here. If you want to experience Guatemala, join me on the next adventure February 2-7, 2025. For more information, click here.  


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